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Brock Ducross

Brock Ducross

Owner & CEO
More importantly, Brock is our primary on-site trainer, offering industry-leading coaching and skills to today's salesforce. Even though he'd hate to say it himself, he's the brain behind the sales coaching and training programs we offer. Brock currently drives the absolutely INCREDIBLE Kia Stinger - a whopping 365hp turbo boost that's F.A.S.T. enough to keep up with today's ever-changing market.

Wesley Comrie

Wesley Comrie

Logistics Manager
A total bro who's alway's got Brock's back! Wes takes the lead with our Clients and helps navigate the 'behind the scenes' aspects of their sale campaigns and training programs. After events are complete, Wes is the guy you're gonna hear from as part of our ongoing commitment to provide exceptional service and longterm results! By the time he realizes we used that for his photo...he'll probably have a better headshot. Also...seems like a Dodge kinda guy? Gettin some real SRT vibes here...


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    What our partners have to say...

    Very helpful in training sales staff in follow up (80& of [our] business!) and developing sales processes.
    Emilia Clarke
    Navjot Singh
    Kia Vancouver
    5-Star! Great week...Brock is hand in with the staff and goes above and beyond making calls and coaching the guys...
    Emilia Clarke
    West Coast Mazda
    Motivated and knowledgeable in the industry
    Emilia Clarke
    Kelly Lum
    Coquitlam Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd
    Keep on doing what you’re doing always looking to help be around and present. Asking each and everyone specifically how you can help them. Making calls with the guys and training, being proactive great sales trainer!
    Kamloops Ford Lincon
    Brock was great to work with and lots of help!
    Sergio Rodriguez
    West Coast Mazda

    F.A.S.T. Hotline: 250-640-9824

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