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Fundamental Alternative Sales Training Solutions, based in New Westminster, BC, and known in the industry as F.A.S.T. Solutions.

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Last Updated: 28 Oct. 2021

Changes made: Updated links & clarification of verbiage.

By continuing to utilize our website and/or services, you agree to been given the opportunity to read and understand these terms, and agree to be bound by them. These terms extend to our offline services, including special events and on-site training programs. For questions or concerns, contact privacy@fastsolutions.ca. In the event of a dispute or conflict, F.A.S.T. Solutions reserves the right to review the apparent situation, and offer a resolution within 30 days of the discrepancy being reported; Subject to the Laws and Jurisdiction of British Colombia, Canada.

Comments & Reviews

Select pages or posts may allow comments. When leaving a comment or interacting with our site, we monitor the IP address among other things to detect spam or unauthorized use. You may select a ‘screen name’ or use your ‘real name’ at your own discretion. By submitting a comment, you agree that we may store this information, along with your name, email or otherwise submitted information in accordance with secure record keeping requirements, and to offer you a better web experience in the future. Your comments may be made visible in whole and or in part unless you request otherwise. To request your comments removed or for further information, contact privacy@fastsolutions.ca.


By submitting media to our website or service(s), you agree to own or have the license and rights to utilize the media that may be subject to copyright and or trademark regulation. You further agree to grant F.A.S.T. Solutions and it’s partners a non-revokable, non-exclusive and indefinite license to use, publish, redistribute in whole and or in part, or otherwise make use of your original submitted media, without further payment or credit to you.  All trademarks used on this site are properties of their respective owner(s).

Contact Forms

Select pages or events may offer a contact form to submit your personal information to us and/or our partners. We use industry-leading SSL encryption to keep your information safe, and will never ask you for your passwords. We may ask you for your real name, contact numbers, address, emails or otherwise. By submitting this information, you agree to transmit this information digitally to us, for the purpose of which was described on the contact form. Examples of these forms submitting reviews, responding to an event, booking appointments or obtaining a quote. 

We take every precaution to safeguard your information once it gets to us. You agree to only submit true and accurate information for yourself, or an individual to whom you may legally act on the behalf of. 


Cookies are a piece of “internet magic”, or software coding, placed on a webpage; These cookies are downloaded to your computer when visiting the website, and your computer sends data to the website as part of it’s functionality. This website, along with our external event websites and partners’ websites all use cookies to deliver you a responsive web experience. You may manage your cookies on your computer or browser’s settings.

Things like the pages you’ve visited, links you’ve clicked and the information you submit are all used as part of our cookies to help our services load faster, function smoothly and deliver you our promotional campaigns.



In addition to cookies, we may choose to collect additional identifiable information for the purposes of analytics. While not directly connected to your personally identifiable information, we may collect details such as gender, age, browser, hardware, and language preferences. We collect this information to measure the success (or failure) of the work we do. For more information, contact privacy@fastsolutions.ca.


Content from other websites

We may “embed”, or otherwise place a piece of another website or social platform within this site or an individual page. While we take every precaution to only include links from trusted sources, please understand we are not responsible for the content on sites not owned or operated by us.

Who we share your data with

Our website is Powered by MEH Services. Certain functionalities of our website and our associated campaigns are subject to the privacy policy of our hosting server. Your data passes through this server on it’s way to us, and is subject to the same industry-leading SSL encryption we use on this site.

Information provided to us for the purposes of fulfilling your marketing campaign may be shared with our service provider, for the purpose of delivering exceptional results to our Clients and to you. Various campaign elements may require us to share your information further, such as compliance and regulatory monitoring bodies, logistics providers or our advertising platforms.


How long we retain your data

Your information is securely stored for a period of 5 years, or as required by law. We may utilize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to digitally store, organize and file your information and communication preferences. 

Please understand that we deliver promotional marketing campaigns on behalf of other companies. By opting-in to our campaigns or services, you acknowledge that your information may also be shared and/or retained by our partners in accordance with their data-management policies.


What rights you have over your data

You can contact us at privacy@fastsolutions.ca to discuss any concerns you may have about the privacy of your data. At any time, you may contact us to see a record of what information of yours we have on file, and what it’s being used for. You may request to opt-out of any future marketing campaigns or offers, by calling us or email optout@fastsolutions.ca. You can also use the SMS keywords or ‘unsubscribe’ tools found in the promotional material you received. Please understand that if you email us, we may get in touch directly to confirm all your information (phone number, email, address, etc.), to ensure that we remove your information from all the services or platforms we use. If we can not reach you to confirm information, we apologize in advance if our campaigns or services are delivered to you through a contact method not indicated. We will rectify the situation once we are made aware of the error. It may take 48 hours to successfully stop receiving campaigns across all our platforms or services.


Additional Information:

What data breach procedures we have in place

When notified of a data breach affecting our website, systems or servers, we first assess the situation fo fully understand the impacts. In the event of a false alarm, we take precautionary measures of changing administration passwords and access codes for our staff, employees and partners. When possible, we use 2-factor authentication to secure our systems and industry leading SSL encryption/security. Our online services are backed by 24/7 technical support, as such, despite our zero downtime campaign guarantee, in the event of a known or suspected data breach, we may opt to immediately “pull the plug” and terminate any or all parts of an affected service, to prevent further access to compromised systems. We understand that this will have an impact on your in-progress campaign, however we value the security of information over anything else. If your campaign is affected, we will contact you directly to determine the best course of action. 

We may ask you for your username or screen name, but will never ask you for your passwords; Please understand that we may sometimes ask you for the “passcode” or “keyword” printed or included on the advertising material you received from us. This is a novelty word or phrase we use to identify a specific campaign or your eligibility to participate in a contest. If we ask you for this information, please provide it to us in order to access the campaign you’ve been offered; Please don’t confuse this with your personal and secure passwords used for things like email, online banking or secure websites.

In the event of an actual data breach, regardless of what happened or who’s behind it, we immediately contact the affected individuals, partners or otherwise, to inform them of the breach and the safeguarding measures they should take. This may include changing passwords or re-confirming recovery emails. We will also cooperate with law-enforcement to report and respond to the incident as required.

In the event that our systems are affected, we may opt to utilize backup servers and/or software, or entirely suspend, (“take offline”) our systems. In this case, you will be redirected to our Web Service Provider Homepage, until our systems are securely restored. 


What third parties we receive data from

We are a contracted service provider for industry training and coaching services. As part of our services, our Clients may provide us your information to extend a promotional advertising campaign on their behalf. The information we receive may include your name and contact information, and information about your interaction(s) with our clients. This includes your opt-in or subscription preferences to receive marketing material from them, which is extended to us to deliver their campaign to you. 

We may also receive information from our Web Service Provider, such as analytic data, consumer preferences and the like. This information may be delivered in whole or in part, as indicated by the individual campaign requirements. 


How we manage information after delivering a campaign

Upon delivery of a campaign, you are presented with the option to opt-out of additional marketing information from F.A.S.T. Solutions or our Clients. If you opt out of our campaigns, your subscriptions preferences with us are updated in our systems, and the systems of our Web Service Provider. We may may also provide this information to our Client, to request that you have successfully unsubscribed from future offers directly. 

Once utilized by our logistics partners (i.e. shipping company, printing company, etc.), your information is no longer kept on file.

Once a campaign is delivered, the information we receive from our Clients is retained for administration purposes, but not used for delivering future marketing services directly from F.A.S.T. Solutions. If you directly engage with us through our platforms and campaigns, we retain your information and may choose to offer you additional relevant sales, promotional offers or contest opportunities in the future. 


CASL Compliance Statement

In accordance with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), we deliver advertising services and promotional campaigns on behalf of our Clients. Your communication preferences have been provided to us in good faith, for the purposes to deliver you their special offers or event. If you believe your information was provided to us in error, please call us or email optout@fastsolutions.ca to resolve error. We understand that sometimes mistakes happen, and thank you for your patience and understanding too.

When you engage in our services or campaigns directly, you agree to receive the advertised marketing campaign, and future promotional offers from F.A.S.T. Solutions and/or our webmaster.

To opt-out of marketing communications, use the apparent tools on the promotional campaign you received. This may involve clicking a link or a button, or texting a keyword to the number we’ve been using to communicate with you. If you can not use these methods or would prefer to manually confirm your subscription preferences with us, email optout@fastsolutions.ca to speak with our webmaster.


Contest rules

From time-to-time, F.A.S.T. Solutions, may offer a chance to “Enter to WIN!”, as part of our promotional campaigns. Unless otherwise stated, the following terms apply to all contests held by F.A.S.T. Solutions, on behalf of our Client(s). All contests are valid until the printed expiration date, or 30 days past the last date of the advertised event, at which time, entries close.

Prizes – Must be accepted as awarded. Cash equivalents may be offered at the sole discretion of us or our Client. Please refer to your promotional campaign for details on the prize(s) offered. Odds of winning a selected prize differ on the contest and the number of entries received.

How to Enter – No purchase required! Complete the instructions as described in your offer. You may be asked to text us a contest keyword, click a link in an email or otherwise engage digitally with us and/or be directed to a secure contest entry form to complete online. There is no charge to enter or engage with us digitally, although your standard carrier and/or messaging rates may apply. To enter without engaging in our online tools, you may call us or email us at offlinecontest@fastevent.ca. We will request the required information to manually enter you offline.

How to Claim – Skill testing question required upon validation of a potential winner. Must be a legal resident of Canada to claim. Photo ID may be required. Some contests feature prizes that must be distributed to an adult, of the provincial age of majority. Failure to validate the information to an exact match on the entry (i.e, name doesn’t match, phone number/email invalid, wrong address, birthday, etc) will result in an invalidated winner.

Winners List – We respect the right to privacy for our Clients and Customers. As such, we opt not to directly publish the names and photos of winners to our promotional contests, offered on behalf of a client. Our clients may choose to post this information directly on their website or social media. To obtain more information about the results of a contest or promotional offer, please contact us by phone or email offlinecontest@fastevent.ca